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Happy birthday Cal | Casselberry, Florida | Lifestyle Newborn Photography

cal_feighery_320cal_feighery_214cal_feighery_242cal_feighery_91In tandem, newborn Cal guzzled through an unruffled session of nursing as rousing Dash hollered for spectators to his death-defying race cars barreling through flaming hoops. A precarious new scene had developed in the Feighery home allowing each little man the undivided attention of a respective guardian. First days as a family of four and these guys seemed to have it all together; in so much as their reliance on each other to the team effort. Parents working independently with an appointed little guy and convening as one with ease when the situation demanded quick changes.

Observing Mary and Bryden skillfully meander their newly formed team of four into a new norm and routine was both commendable and inspiring. Bending nimbly through such an all-embracing transitional period, while quelling a freshly appointed big brother’s reluctance albeit still recognizing important flashes of his budding interest in an equally darling little brother, was no more than a small challenge due to their unified front.


Truly amazing how fluid one must be to parent two differing souls, with two vastly different sets of needs and emotions. To juggle exhaustion, with a heaping side of hunger cries and diaper changes, notwithstanding big demands for attention and reassurances, takes so much courage and resolve. Oh that great dare in aligning everyone’s element and strategically allowing for comfortable growth through interdependence. It ain’t easy but these guys appeared to have a beautiful foundation of respect, love and killer “mommying” and “daddying” skills!

I love them.
Watching them leap over the vulnerability of parenting two, in their considerate and supportive exchanges to facilitate a joint mission in successful adjustment was a pure and wonderful pleasure. Allowing Dash to school me in all things sports and then see the tiny glimmers of tenderness in his brotherly ways was tooth-decayingly sweet and priceless.


Oh, let me shift to get on and say how chill little man Cal was, the perfect addition to this ultra cool pack. Boyish brother racket and doggie shenanigans aside he so alertly hung as though he’d always been the caboose in this sweet family despite obvious hours of unrest. Who needs naps??

You must agree that if you are able to end a shoot by frisbeeing a potty seat across the yard with enthusiastic smiles, you are totally nailing this whole operation and off to a great start. Such deep congratulations on the newest baby boy to join this beautiful foursome!



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