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cal_feighery_320cal_feighery_214cal_feighery_242cal_feighery_91In tandem, newborn Cal guzzled through an unruffled session of nursing as rousing Dash hollered for spectators to his death-defying race cars barreling through flaming hoops. A precarious new scene had developed in the Feighery home allowing each little man the undivided attention of a respective guardian. First days as a family of four and these guys seemed to have it all together; in so much as their reliance on each other to the team effort. Parents working independently with an appointed little guy and convening as one with ease when the situation demanded quick changes.

Observing Mary and Bryden skillfully meander their newly formed team of four into a new norm and routine was both commendable and inspiring. Bending nimbly through such an all-embracing transitional period, while quelling a freshly appointed big brother’s reluctance albeit still recognizing important flashes of his budding interest in an equally darling little brother, was no more than a small challenge due to their unified front.


Truly amazing how fluid one must be to parent two differing souls, with two vastly different sets of needs and emotions. To juggle exhaustion, with a heaping side of hunger cries and diaper changes, notwithstanding big demands for attention and reassurances, takes so much courage and resolve. Oh that great dare in aligning everyone’s element and strategically allowing for comfortable growth through interdependence. It ain’t easy but these guys appeared to have a beautiful foundation of respect, love and killer “mommying” and “daddying” skills!

I love them.
Watching them leap over the vulnerability of parenting two, in their considerate and supportive exchanges to facilitate a joint mission in successful adjustment was a pure and wonderful pleasure. Allowing Dash to school me in all things sports and then see the tiny glimmers of tenderness in his brotherly ways was tooth-decayingly sweet and priceless.


Oh, let me shift to get on and say how chill little man Cal was, the perfect addition to this ultra cool pack. Boyish brother racket and doggie shenanigans aside he so alertly hung as though he’d always been the caboose in this sweet family despite obvious hours of unrest. Who needs naps??

You must agree that if you are able to end a shoot by frisbeeing a potty seat across the yard with enthusiastic smiles, you are totally nailing this whole operation and off to a great start. Such deep congratulations on the newest baby boy to join this beautiful foursome!




Full of wonder, I beamed at them and eagerly asked, “So, how did you come up with Finn?” before they exchanged steady stares and a thoughtful nod.
“We just loved it.”

I fancy becoming consumed and wrapped up in the beauty of an evolving and ever-growing new family. Their beginnings, their in-betweens and their courageous journey into the land of parenthood always rouse me. Perhaps the resulting sympathy, from shared experiences as a new parent myself, eases me into that comforting world of rare particulars that are the backbone in bonding which most lack the ability to focus on or recognize the need to stop and preserve.

It’s so easy to glaze over the details of those first days together.
Do yourself a favor and freeze them.

I’ve known the Williams. I’ve become vested in their family as though they were a part of my own squad. For twenty years with dear Meaghan, who is as serene and composed as you find reflected here, I’ve shared a wonderful friendship. But to witness the beautiful bounty of motherhood lavished on her is an incredible treasure. She and her equally peaceful husband, Ryley are truly so deserving of the riches bundled into handsome little Finley Scott.

Like my own progeny, little dude’s name wasn’t revealed until his birth day so I was eager to hear of the influence or symbolism in their choice. I really just appreciate witnessing that power, pride and intensity that radiates behind the eyes of new parents when asked about their decision. Being of a verbose and dreaming mind, I also recognize that each story behind a name helps me to illustrate how my littlest clients will be perceived in photographs.

Who will this tiny new boy become?
What have his parents aspired for him?
Who in his heritage does he honor?
What have they sensed for his future reflected in his moniker?

With rapt attention I smiled and understood. Meaghan and Ryley were deliberate outliers with no associated references for his name other than they loved the heck out of their son and Finley was a direct reflection of that.

I respect that and I dig it.
Please join me in welcoming this beautiful new creation and do drop a congratulatory note for Meaghan and Ryley who are true rockstars already!

  • Lauren Kaiver

    These are absolutely stunning! What a work of art beautiful gift you created for this lovely family!ReplyCancel

One is big.
Commemorating ‘one’ is a true testament to the optimistic, though innocent parents who wearily conquered the likely erratic and unpredictable voyage that comes with one’s culmination.

Only those who have surmounted the peak of toddlerhood can attest to these little tyrants’ angels fickle dispositions. As such, Corbin was no exception to the normal stage of development that babes this age experience. Naturally, what came with the intent of easy ‘cheesin’ was no doubt met with particularly snuggly moments and quiet, indulgent togetherness to soothe away his trepidation.

It was the perfect storm to which I was able to capture raw, unfiltered passion. Passion in the manner that both Mom and Dad soothed as well as in his deeply composed blue eyes as Corbin sought tenderness and assurance.

In our moment of photographing the celebration of Corbin’s first journey that has inevitably been savored thus far, I was witness to the comforting and deep infatuation that transpires between those who love without limits. What a gift to gaze upon connection all the while being disconnected, as though viewing said highly effervescent love emits a color and truth unbeknownst to the rest of the world.

What’s more, when the ‘edge’ settled, we were left with a rockin’ boy of one who decided to have his cake and devour it too.
Happy first birthday to one of the coolest superheroes in-training that I know!

  • Linda Fratine

    Great pictures of Corbin and the family!ReplyCancel

  • Gloria

    Your words paint a picture of true beauty, this session is just another example of your pure genius in photographic storytelling. What a gift you are to the world! These photos are absolutely amazing!ReplyCancel

  • Nicole Mariah

    My favorite is how real these photos feel. Without the extraneous elements of props and studio backdrops, this is probably one of the coolest cake smashes I’ve seen!! The family photos are to die for!!ReplyCancel